• Garmin Data Watch Face

    UPDATED: now includes 'Body Battery' and 'Time to Recover' metrics.

    Sure, a lot of people use their Garmin watch as their primary watch, but what if you have another watch you like to wear? Or having the time on your watch face is taking up unnecessary screen space?

    This watch face is designed to show key wellness metrics and separates out those metrics from the function of 'time-telling', allowing you to wear a watch also. 

    Unfortunately the Garmin API does not expose all of Garmin's own metrics and therefore it is not possible to include 'Resting Heart Rate' on the watch face (the current Garmin metric 'restingHeartRate' actually returns the value saved by the user in regards to heart rate training zones, not the daily resting heart rate).

    Currently available in the Connect IQ store for the Garmin Venu Sq, can be easily adapted to other Garmin watches.




    A rider might only be in into the sport for self-improvement. Such a rider, focused solely on technique, mastery and process may become highly proficient, and even elite. Similarly, a rider might only ride for the glory. This ego/performance orientation suggests that process has to be endured, but it’s really the identity of being an elite cyclist that drives the rider. I suspect that some of the best riders, however, combine the positives of both orientations. They are obsessive about process and practice, and love to rip everyone’s legs off where it counts in order to enjoy the rewards.