• Zero 2 Hero

     Anyone with more than a passing interest in endurance sport or professional sport will be aware of the numerous metrics available to athletes and coaches to help guide decisions about readiness for training, examples include:

    • Whoop
    • Oura
    • Garmin Body Battery
    • Garmin Performance Score
    • HRV4Training
    A consistent aspect of these are that they are 'closed' systems. You need to use (and pay for) either a propriety app or device, and it is difficult to incorporate data or metrics from other platforms, most importantly actual training load.

    Plenty or 'open source' metrics have existed for a long time that also have been used for assessing 'readiness for training', for example:
    • resting Heart Rate
    • Heart Rate Variability
    • Training Stress Balance
    • Workload Ratio
    Zero 2 Hero is a new 'readiness to train' score between 0 and 100 that allows you to pull in your wellness metrics. 

    The Z2H app is currently being prototyped. 

    A rider might only be in into the sport for self-improvement. Such a rider, focused solely on technique, mastery and process may become highly proficient, and even elite. Similarly, a rider might only ride for the glory. This ego/performance orientation suggests that process has to be endured, but it’s really the identity of being an elite cyclist that drives the rider. I suspect that some of the best riders, however, combine the positives of both orientations. They are obsessive about process and practice, and love to rip everyone’s legs off where it counts in order to enjoy the rewards.