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    Anyone with a long association with cycling will know the term 'secret training', although it is common in most sports. Secret training is practised by a 'secret trainer' (of course), with the emphasis on 'secret' and the goal being to maximise your performance while appearing to minimize your training time, when in actuality you are training significantly more than you tell people, or that people notice.

    When you see your mate out at 3pm in the afternoon, after you've already ridden with him that morning, he's secret training - and should be called out as a secrettrainer!

    I didn't invent the terminology, and am not a secret trainer. For me it typifies one of the many aspects of cycling that makes it such a unique competitive sport. And neither did this guy. Or this guy.

    Secret training is more than just physical training, it can incorporate equipment, technique, recovery and nutrition. Again, none of these people invented secret training.

    secrettraining.com has been a registered business name in Australia since 2007.

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    A rider might only be in into the sport for self-improvement. Such a rider, focused solely on technique, mastery and process may become highly proficient, and even elite. Similarly, a rider might only ride for the glory. This ego/performance orientation suggests that process has to be endured, but it’s really the identity of being an elite cyclist that drives the rider. I suspect that some of the best riders, however, combine the positives of both orientations. They are obsessive about process and practice, and love to rip everyone’s legs off where it counts in order to enjoy the rewards.