Part of an effective training program is ensuring you're training at the correct intensity and measuring progress. We use the following tests as part of our methodology:

Zwift Ramp / Step Test

  • A simple protocol if we need to quickly determine heartrate and power threshold values.
VO2max Test
  • A non-invasive peer reviewed step test that uses a formula to determine your VO2max with a reliability of 97%. Your VO2max power can then be used to determine training zones for heartrate and power.
Lactate Test
  • A longer step test to determine your aerobic threshold (LT1) and your anaerobic threshold (LT2). We only use the heartrate values from this test as the values do not significantly move during a season for a well trained athlete, providing confidence that you are continuing to train at the correct intensity. (Over time the power corresponding to LT1 and LT2 will move).
LSCT - The Lamberts and Lambert Sub-maximal Cycling Test
  • A sub-maximal test that can be repeated frequently to assess fatigue, recovery and performance improvements. Particularly useful when other subjective ratings are not available or reliable.