Science based endurance training philosophy and methodology

At secrettraining.com we apply modern methodology to your riding and training to assist you in achieving your goals, including comprehensive analysis of your past performances to determine potential.

We have worked with junior riders, elite/national level riders and masters riders, achieving National Championships and podiums across all age groups. Of course, not everyone is striving to be a national champion, however the knowledge we have can be applied to your particular goal or ambition.

  • ad-hoc consultation: send us an email with your question and we'll do the best to help you
  • training plans: one off plan, tailored to your circumstances
  • coaching: on-going 1-to-1 relationship, including workouts, planning and support
  • testing: assistance in performance testing, either as a one off service or part of a coaching agreement
And no, we're not associated with the nutrition company Secret Training (although proper nutrition is a secret training advantage). We've been around (officially) since 2007, unofficially... well that's a secret.